Friday, August 14, 2009

Feature Article in the Frederick News Post

Yay, a really nice, well written and informative article about me and my history as an artist - just came out today in the Frederick News Post. I will put the link here. I hope it works. If not, you can always just go to the paper and search Marilyn Banner art, or Lauren LaRocca or Sacred Ground.

If ANY one reads this blog and goes to the link, please let me know!
I don't really believe anyone reads blogs - and I know from what folks say when I respond to one, that they are shocked to receive a response from a real human.

However, now that I HAVE a blog, why not experiment?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sacred Ground show up at Delaplaine

I was a bit worried about hanging my paintings at Delaplaine Art Center - not its whole name, but enough for here - because they can't possibly look as incredible as they did at Ceres Gallery. Yes, I admit, they don't knock my socks off as much, (can't light them as well) but they still look like - well, it's often hard to get a distant perspective on my own work. January 1 and January 2... and then Don't Fence Me In next to Til I See the Mountains Rise. YUM! as they say in Julie and Julia. YUM! There is really something there, some kind of depth that is not the kind that I was taught to create in art school.

Not only is the show up, but a wonderfully intelligent and sensitive person interviewed me the other day for an article in the Frederick Post News. Lauren LaRocca. Very sympatico - she was unusually at home in my studio and eventually told me she'd majored in religion and poetry. Well, no WONDER she was at home there. Can't say more about that now. It's a book.
I've purchased a chapbook of Lauren's poetry through Etsy. The real thing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Noyes School of Rhythm

I have not written since returning from Noyes Camp. Noyes School of Rhythm. Lately I want to share things on the blog but feel fairly speechless about them. Noyes is a best kept secret that is not totally secret. It is a magic land, a sacred ground like VCCA, filled with the energy of what takes place there. When I figure out how to upload images, I'll include some. If I lived with Noyes Rhythm every day - wow.