Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New York City and Back Home

I have been in New York City to install yet another show of encaustic paintings at the wonderful Ceres Gallery. They actually look REALLY GOOD to me. Great to see them from such a distance and so well lit. 34 paintings are up in Wind and Water!

Both Carl and I worked our butts off this trip, hauling boxes, driving back and forth to and from Brooklyn, working working working to make everything go well.

The opening was excellent. I'd sold the piece on the pr, Surf at Sea Glass Beach, so that was nice.
Gabe and Michelle came to the opening, as did David Lund and his new mentee, Richard Chused and Elizabeth Langer, and several other friends. As usual, people seemed to fall over around my work.
Hard to keep this in mind actually. Many painters made it clear to me that they thought the work was fantastic. What can I say - very affirming!

Now home and have met with architects who are carefully designing a workspace/studio for me in our yard. To the inch actually, as our space is quite limited.
But I am excited. I will have a nice wall, several tables, exhaust fan, heat pump, lots of light, skylights, ceiling fans, even a patio. Heh heh.

Tomorrow I pick up the corcoran show Ladders of Light. I have not written on the blog for years, so = no images of that or other things. time flows on. blogs almost disappear. but I am still here so am chiming in today.