Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New York January

I'm always looking for a reason to go up to the art nourishment capital - right now my friend Joyce Weinstein has a solo show at Ceres, and I have a piece in the partner show, Womens Nature. Here is my piece, a mixed media collage from my Song of Songs series, Living Water.

I arrived last Wednesday via my favorite mode, Vamoose Bus, and dashed over to MOMA to see the Line show. Even the Schwitters pieces were mouthwatering. I want to live in New York! "So what else is new?" as my parents would say.
Francine Perlman, an energetic sympatico woman I met years ago at a No Limits meeting, offered to put me up. Fantastic person, fascinating artist. We are now buddies in an ongoing project. More later, when it starts to bubble.

The next day I spent at the Whitney. The coolest show I've seen in ages was there: the work of Charles LeDray. It filled a whole floor of the museum - hundreds of miniature articles of clothing, all imbued with meaning, all full of heart. Nothing sentimental or schmaltzy, but all miraculous and moving at once. Pieces made of cloth, and other unbelievable things - a thousand teeny tiny thrown vessels, and tiny sculptures made from human bone.
If in NY, you need to see it.

Someone at the Ceres show suggested I donate my piece, Living Water, to the Hebrew Union College Museum, unless of course, someone purchases it. Great idea. I hope Laura Kruger agrees. The opening itself was like a warm hug. A lot of the women there remind me of me, in the best way. I felt totally at home.