Monday, February 13, 2012

Encaustic paintings videos

Last Friday we drove out to Adkins Arboretum to take my show down. A Sense of Place had been up for 10 weeks. The work looked well loved.
Just a bit of chaos as a film program was going to begin in a couple of hours, so people and things were here and there. I took three short videos, totaling less than 10 minutes, where I show the paintings and talk a bit about them. Number 3 may be my favorite because I talk about what I am after with more depth. But they are all worth watching. Comments (as usual) appreciated.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

VCCA in my sightline

I am going to VCCA again in March. Now, when people ask about it, I say it is the ONLY place I go that I feel that the society wants me to be an artist, wants me to take this creative gift so seriously that I will follow it regardless of response or financial renumeration. That sounds strange to most of our society, except perhaps to New Yorkers.
This year the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation is supporting my residency fully. Yep! Fully. They are even going to pay for my gas.
I am fantasizing a quick return trip to Vieques, or Cape Cod to see the dunes again, or at least the eastern shore to see the dunes and water at Cape Henlopen.
It is very cold out tonight. Vieques would be my first choice.
I will have to print out some images to remind me of the earth's nurturance in that place. It was so tangible, so visceral - like a warm but gentle hug from the air, the light, the water, the sand.
Maybe I can remember that in my bones and work with it during my residency.
What I do there is always a surprise. Thank God!