Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spring in New York City

Not really spring, but 3 pieces from my works inspired by spring, were up for a month at Ceres Gallery. We bussed up for the opening, stayed at an apartment I found via a special artist list, and came back the next day. Lots of compliments on the work. Gabe came to the opening. Always a pleasure to see him. Having and raising a child and then seeing him as a man - this is one of the wonders of my life!

That same night (Friday) we went down to Dupont Circle to see a show curated by Pat Goslee, because I wanted to meet her. It's part of my project to meet hometown artists whose work looks like the real thing to me. Who are they?
I liked her. Totally unpretentious. I will call her this month, now that we are back from our travels up north. More on the trip later.


  1. Suzanne DesRosiersJuly 16, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    I am commenting! See, we are reading, just not always commenting, but I do appreciate your blog. I too, was at the Conference and enjoyed it very much. This was my 4th and now it becomes more a social event for me, but I always come away learning something. You mention on your post about an Artist List for places to stay in New York. I would love to have a copy of that as I am hoping to afford to go there soon! Thanks Marilyn!

    Suzanne DesRosiers

  2. ezshwan winding writes: Hello Marilyn. I don't understand the big stand on not being called an encaustic artist. I remember when Joanne Mattera made the pronouncement, and I thought, "who cares" as long as the work is happily accepted in galleries, it sells and people fill my workshops. In 58 years of making art, I have used almost every medium and the last 12 I specialize in being an encaustic artist. The conference sounds wonderful, but I live in Mexico and it would be a very expensive trip. I have to enjoy the blogs and videos other artists post.