Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dismissal by a gallery owner

The words came to mind today, "Sometimes good people do bad things." Hmmmm.
I visited my friend this past weekend. She lives in a small town in Pennsylvania 90 miles from NYC, and is a super strong gutsy highly skilled artist. And a good friend to boot!
She's having an exhibit right now at the upscale gallery in town. Somehow I don't want to use real names in this blog, despite the low readership.
Anyway, she offered to introduce me to the owner and suggested I bring some work up, which I did. I brought several nice reproductions and two very small encaustic works, to show the resonance and light of the medium.
Ah, how to get to the meat of this.

We left the work with the part owner who advises but does not make final decisions. He was terrific, warm, encouraging, and an unbelievably good artist himself. A master.
The next day we returned to check out the response. I was forewarned by my friend that the owner either loves someone and fawns all over them, or is an ice cube. heh heh. Guess what response I got!!

What amazed me was the chutzpah of this man, and his arrogance. When first introduced to me, he turned AWAY and spoke to someone else. When asked directly about his response to my work, he said "very lovely" and turned away, again brusquely. It's impossible to describe the VIBE of this man as he turned away. As if he was swatting at a fly or an irritating mosquito.

What's wrong with this picture? Here is what a mature and decent human being who is also a gallery could and should say: "Thanks so much for sharing your work with us. I'm sorry it's not a fit for the gallery."

Some people greatly enjoy getting away with reprehensible behavior! I had to clear away a ton of negative stuff before I could sleep.

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