Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New York overnight

Next month I will put up my show at Ceres Gallery in Chelsea. I haven't been able to tune into it, to write a really good listings release, press release - or to really THINK myself there. So I had to get my body there. Since I love New York - I scrambled to finish my taxes and do a lot of stuff to get there. Art making has been elusive; somehow this art biz stuff can just take over. Well, so I will just let it do that for a while. There are ways and ways to get behind one's work, and that is a good one.
The best business thing that happened - was meeting two women who have just started something called Art Walk New York. They are super sophisticated tour guides at the best museums in NY, and were there at Ceres to do some business with the director. More later if I am able to get onto an Art Walk tour. That would be a VERY good thing, and a fantastic result of my NY business jaunt.

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