Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Visiting Vieques

Well, we got back from Vieques when? almost 3 weeks ago!!! That's amazing - one week to figure out where I am, 2 more to feel the crazy intensity and scheduling of everything here. In case you haven't heard of Vieques, I will upload a couple of photos. It is a little island right off the coast of Puerto Rico.
There are a lot of roosters on Vieques, and horses roam the streets eating mangos. The roosters crow all the time. 

We visited a couple of galleries while there in paradise. One was a new gallery, Galleon, started by a Westchester woman in a big open space that used to belong to an artist/gallerist. The work is by non-residents, some from NY. I'm always checking potential galleries out - but though the work was decent, the place was not right. For me at least. We then went to Siddhia Hutchinson's Gallery across the island in Isabel 2. Right, Isabel 2! Interesting name for a town.

That was a different story, as Siddhia herself was there. She is an artist and gallerist, shows her own work, work by local artists and by visitors inspired by the natural surroundings. There were some lovely landscapes, unusual abstractions, drawings of roosters ....  hard to not love roosters after hearing them at odd hours every night! We had a great, long, and inspiring talk with Siddhia about following one's path when the path is art. What we sacrifice, what we have, how important it is to go for your vision, for what you love. I actually can't remember it all, but I do remember feeling that Carl and I and Siddhia are of the same species. What a lift.

We hope to return to Vieques for a much longer stay next year. Fingers are crossed. Art sales will get us there. (that's the plan.)

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